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Open a window to history and see the old Aš

Open a window to history and see the old Aš

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Travel back in time and let historical events narrate

The unique timeTRIP application allows you to look into several centuries using a smartphone or tablet and find out what Aš looked like then and learn interesting facts about its history. The journey through places and dates begins at Goethe Square, from where it continues through the Evangelical Church to the current History Park.

Viewing historical 3D objects

To view historical 3D objects at a specific location, just point your smartphone or tablet at the place where the historical object was originally located and let yourself be transported to the past.


It is a unique mobile application that enables time travel and presents a completely new way of discovering lost monuments in the form of unique trips into history.

The timeTRIP app displays historical objects using virtual 3D models in real time on your mobile device display, in real size and exactly where the monuments were originally located. By moving the tracking device, objects can be observed as if they were really standing in front of you, thus perceiving historical places in an authentic context.

timeTRIP can be used not only to present exteriors, but also to display building interiors, and each object can also be viewed in different historical periods. The system also includes period photos, videos and other information. For visiting historical places, the traveler will also receive a souvenir in the form of a virtual 3D model of the historical monument, which he can then view in the application at any time.


Virtualization of Goethe Square and the Evangelical Church


On foot, car, bike

Distance from IC:

290 m

Opening hours:


Virtualization of Goethe Square presents 2 time periods (1900 and 1932), between which the user can switch. They are also part of the virtualization of 360 ° videos, in which a different historical (or mythological) figure (J. W. Goethe, G. Geipel, K. Henlein and Nahřbetskoč) always speaks at each observation point. To observe extinct historical objects in virtual reality, point the smartphone at the specific place where the historical object was originally located, and let yourself be transported to the past. Switch between different dates when observing extinct monuments and travel to different time periods. Discover a wealth of other information, historical sites, and view period photos and themed videos.

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The story of Goethe's square

Distance from IC:

348 m

We are following the story of Goethe's Square since approximately 1900, when the square, which was then known as the Market Square, was a vigorous shopping center of the city. In 1929 the first block of houses, called Špalíček was demolished, simply to add more space to the square. In the 1930s it was followed by the demolition of other neighboring houses. However, a fatal change occurred after 1945 in connection with the displacement of the German population. The houses were then plundered and intentionally damaged. Uninhabited and unmaintained homes, furthermore affected by the effects of groundwater, began to decay. Their state became unsustainable and in the mid-1950s it was decided to demolish the houses and replace them with socialist construction, which never happened. The only one left is J. W. Goethe, who observes the egeran crystal.



Baroque appearance of an evangelical church and an electronic organ

Distance from IC:

534 m

Historically, the population of Aš gravitated towards the evangelical faith. This was evidenced by the beautiful evangelical church, which is commemorated by the monument. You can experience the glory and atmosphere of this Christian tabernacle thanks to a tour of its space. See your unique colors and know you are in Europe?



Park History

Distance from IC:

420 m

As soon as you pass under the oldest Aš monument, the stone bridge, you will have a view of the History Park. Enjoy a walk under the treetops, during which you will open an imaginary window into several historical eras. Guides await! Who will you meet?