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Mineral spring in Doubrava – Century Spring


On foot, bike, car

Distance from IC:

8,2 km

Opening hours:


The spring is to be found in the village of Doubrava, at the point where the yellow-marked hiking trail crosses the brook of Bílý Halštrov. The spring has existed there from/ since time immemorial and in 1972 a brick was built there.

In 2008, the town of Aš had the spring examined and it was found out that the spring had healing properties. In 2009, the spring in Doubrava was consecrated by an Orthodox and Metropolitan Archbishop Christopher. Subsequently, the spring was renamed the Century Spring. After being compared with another one, the spring was found to have the same composition as the Green Spring located in the neighbouring German town of Bad Elster.

Thanks to that, the village of Doubrava may, in the future, compete with the neighbouring spa towns. The planned revitalization of Doubrava shall bring in spa spirit and thus Doubrava may turn into a pleasant spa town.

The spring is also very useful in spa treatment of cardiovascular as well as circulatory system diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and it is also used in treatment of kidney diseases and urinary system disorders. 


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