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The ruins of the Neuberg castle in Podhradí


On foot, bike, car, bus

Distance from IC:

5,9 km

Opening hours:

No (tower after borrowing keys at the municipal office)

Welcome to the ruins of Neuberg Castle, a mysterious place founded by the noble Neuberg family probably in the early 13th century. This place, although now in ruins, conceals a rich history and captivating stories.

Even though the first written mention of the castle dates back to 1288, its history is full of adventures and mysteries. The Lords of Plaven acquired the castle from Emperor Rudolf of Habsburg but soon returned it to the Neubergs, marking the beginning of a long-standing relationship with the Zedtwitz family.

Neuberg Castle faced many challenges throughout its existence. It was significantly damaged by the armies of King Charles IV, who exploited its strategic location on the trade routes to Saxony for raids. However, in 1395, the castle became the property of the Zedtwitz family when Conrad of Zedtwitz married Hedwig of Neuberg.

Since then, the Ašsko region began to undergo changes. Religion, especially Lutheranism, gained influence. In close proximity to the castle, the Church of the Good Shepherd was built in the 15th century, adding further historical value to this place.

In 1610, Neuberg Castle burned down and ceased to serve as the residence of the Zedtwitz family. Today, all that remains are ruins with an impressive tower standing on a 29.5-meter-high hill, and the remnants of the surrounding castle. The tower has a height of 22 meters, and the circumference of the tower measures 19.2 meters. Although Neuberg Castle is in ruins, it still offers a fascinating glimpse into the past and invites you to discover its secrets and historical legacy.


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