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Tower Háj near city Aš


On foot, bike, car, public transport

Distance from IC:

1,9 km

Opening hours:

1.4.-31.10.daily, Mon-Sun: 9:00-17:00, summer months to 19:00

Step into the world of heights and adventure at the Háj lookout tower, where a magical view of the landscape unfolds before you. From this beautiful height, 34 meters above the peak of Háj at an altitude of 758 meters, a panorama that will captivate you awaits.

Utilize the copper plates placed in the eight highest windows of the tower to identify distant treasures. Within arm's reach, you'll find the Green Mountain near Cheb, 20 kilometers away, the Špičák in the Bohemian Forest, and the Ore Mountains with the majestic Klínovec, visible even from a great distance. Your attention will also be drawn to nearby hills, such as Wartberg and Kornberg, and even the highest mountain in the Saxon part of the Ore Mountains, Fichtelberg.

This historical tower was constructed in a record time of 13 months and opened in 1904. Its architect was Wilhelm Kreis from Dresden. The construction used 66 cubic meters of granite blocks, approximately 65,000 bricks, and nearly 60 wagons of limestone. The tower's monumentality literally rose from the ground.

In the tower's highest floor, which you can access after climbing 122 stairs, you can enjoy the surrounding landscape through eight glazed windows. The copper plates on the windowsills will be your guide, showing you the directions and distances to the surrounding mountains and towns.

On the north side, you will be greeted by Saxon towns like Bad Elster and Adorf, Schöneck, and a part of Hranice. When you look to the northeast, a view of the peaks of the Ore Mountains and the highest mountain in the Czech part, Klínovec, will open up. To the southeast, a panorama of the Slavkovský Forest with the summit Lesný and the impressive Dyleň awaits you.

As you gaze to the south, you'll spot Bavarian towns like Hohenberg an der Eger, Arzberg, and Marktredwitz. In the southwest lies the charming town of Schönwald, and looking to the southwest and west will reveal the town of , the westernmost town in the Czech Republic, and the Bavarian town of Rehau.

Come and immerse yourself in this amazing adventure at the Háj lookout tower, where an unparalleled view of the enchanting region between the Czech Republic and Germany unfolds before your eyes!


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