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Everyone knows Ash, everyone has already used the winged "From Ash to…" But which of you visited her?

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Get to know Aš and its surroundings!

Because Ash is the westernmost point of our republic, this city has literally become a legend. Everyone knows Ash, everyone has already used the winged "From Ash to…". The paradox is that few have visited this "legend" yet. Come and discover the legendary city of Ash and its surroundings, so you know what you're talking about.

Aš is not a big region, but there are many interesting places and sights. These can be explored on foot or by bike, trips around the area are ideal for families. It's up to you whether you decide to come just for a day or spend a whole week here.


Maps and souvenirs of Aš and its surroundings

In the information centre we offer many promotional materials from Aš and its surroundings, leaflets, a map of Aš, cycling maps and tourist maps of Aš and Cheb, as well as the entire Karlovy Vary region. Furthermore, souvenirs and collectibles such as tourist stamps, tourist cards, collector cards, magnets, countless kinds of postcards, a mug with the emblem of the town of Aš and a lookout tower. We have a wide range of books, such as "Aš region on old postcards", "Goethe in West Bohemia", "Aš in the mirror of time" and many others.

We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need about transport links, cultural and sporting events held in our town and its surroundings, natural and cultural monuments, accommodation and catering facilities. We will give you tips for excursions in our city region.

In the Aš Information Centre you can access the Internet for free. The information centre offers copying, printing and scanning services.

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