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Evangelical Church of the Good Shepherd


On foot, bike, car, bus

Distance from IC:

6,1 km

Opening hours:

Only by appointment at the info center

First there was a church from 1480 - 1490, built by the Zedtwitzs. Later, this nobility had the church rebuilt in the Baroque style, as its dimensions no longer suited the level of the Zedtwitz Podhrad estate and its capacity was already insufficient. Of the original church, only the tower remains. The tower of the church is square in the foundations, then octagonal on the floor. It is decorated with an onion-shaped dome. His nave is rectangular with a high roof, with small chapels on both sides. The interiors are wooden. No nails were used for their production, but pins. The interiors are decorated with a painting of angels by Rodius von Föslau from 1711. The altar and choir benches by Jindřich Šimon Zietler from Doubrava date from 1710. Of interest is the painting of the castle in the aedicule. It is assumed that this is the oldest depiction of the now defunct castle in Kopaniny.


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