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Sports complex hill Háj


On foot, car, bike

Distance from IC:

1,8 km

The sports complex was built in 2010 on the hill Háj in Aš. The area is located at an altitude of 620 to 750 m above sea level. It is located about 2 km from the center of Asha. The area offers opportunities for the whole family, as well as for athletes or entire sports teams. The sports area has a multifunctional playground, which can be used for ball games such as football, floorball, volleyball, handball and many others. There are also three other playgrounds where visitors can play, for example, football, tennis and basketball, streetball, badminton. There are also tables for table tennis and a playground for Russian skittles. For lovers of mountaineering, there is a climbing wall in the area with a height of 6 m, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced. Another part of the complex is a minigolf course, which has 18 lanes. Last but not least, there is a playground for the little ones. The Vrch Háj sports complex is dominated by an in-line track, which has a length of 1,088 m. In winter, this track is used as a cross-country ski run and is suitably modified. The track is illuminated. The area also includes a rental of sports equipment, both for summer and winter, when visitors can rent cross-country and downhill skis, snowboards and other equipment. There is also facilities for athletes in the form of a camp.

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