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Ski resort Aš


Light, medium


On foot, car, public transport



Distance from IC:

3 km



Opening hours:

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The VRCH HÁJ ski area in Aš is located on the Háj hill at an altitude of 620 to 750 meters, approximately 1 km from the city center.

Thanks to its advantageous altitude and location with plenty of snow, Aš has been one of the most sought-after tourist resorts in western Bohemia since the beginning of the last century. The area offers space to spend a pleasant winter family vacation or sports weekend with friends. There is a kiosk with refreshments and heated toilets in the area for visitors. In the immediate vicinity of the complex there is a new maintained parking lot with sufficient capacity.

In 2011, piste No. 3 was extended and the TATRAPOMA H-80 lift was installed. This step connected all 3 slopes of the area.

The area currently offers 3 downhill runs, easy and medium difficulty suitable for families with children. Skiers are transported to the top of ski slope No. 1 by the TATRAPOMA H-60 ​​ski lift with a capacity of 900 people / hour and to ski slope No. 3 by the TATRAPOMA H-80 ski lift with a capacity of 900 people / hour. The slopes are fully equipped with a snowmaking system and lighting for night skiing and are modified with a powerful Leithner LH500 snowmobile. The terrains are suitable for both beginners and intermediate skiers, as well as for parents with children.

For cross-country skiers there are circular routes: 3, 5 and 7 km long.


Blue piste - this is a simple piste, which is designed primarily for children, weaker skiers and the elderly. Its inclination is the slightest, which guarantees the lowest speed and maximum driving control.

Red piste - has a greater incline and allows you to achieve higher speeds for the skier.


Children's corner

  • Length 70m
  • Elevation gain 10m
  • Artificial snow Yes
  • Evening lighting Yes

Slope No. 1

  • Length 400m
  • Elevation gain 60m
  • Artificial snow Yes
  • Evening lighting Yes

Slope No. 2

  • Length 450m
  • Elevation gain 70m
  • Artificial snow No
  • Evening lighting No

Slope No. 3

  • Length 700m
  • Elevation gain 105m
  • Artificial snow Yes
  • Evening lighting No

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