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Red route

Length of the route:

35 km

We're getting on:

579 m

1. Libá - Castle Libá - now under reconstruction

2. Aš - The westernmost town in the Czech Republic, the first written records of Aš are from 1270. Aš abounds in beautiful nature and several sights, among the most important are the Aš Museum, City Hall, the Church of St. St. Nicholas, statue of Dr. Martin Luther and a lookout tower on Háj hill

3. Krásná - The village of Krásná lies west of Aš, in the direction of Krásná it is the westernmost point of the Czech Republic, marked by the border landmark 1844

4. Studánka

5. Hranice

6. Trojmezí

7. Three borders of Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony - Tri-borderis the point where the three historical borders between Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony cross. This point is marked by the borderline 1844.


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