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Green route 1.0

Length of the route:

20,8 km

We're getting on:

312 m

1. Hazlov

2. Výhledy - Výhledy are located about 8 km from Aš

3. Source Bílý Halštrov - It is located about 6 km from Aš, in the Czech Republic it is 11.1 km long. It then flows through the reservoir at Podhradí, through Doubrava to Germany, where it turns into the river Weisse Elster. In 1898, a memorial was built at the source of Bílý Halštrov, in the 1990s. the site was further modified and in 2013 new access roads were built here

4. Vernéřov

5. Dolní Paseky (mineral stream) - The green and yellow tourist signs meet here, this spring has been mentioned since the 12th century, in the 16th century. was considered a healing and in 1930 a brick pavilion was built on the spring.

6. Bílý Halštrov - dam

7. Podhradí

8. Podhradí - railway station


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