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Blue route

Length of the route:

26,7 km

We're getting on:

637 m

1. Ostroh  (Castle Seeberg) -  Romanesque castle built at the end of the 12th century, later rebuilt in Gothic and Renaissance style. The castle consists of two parts, a Gothic and a Romanesque palace. There are now several exhibits in the castle.

2. Hazlov

3. Goethe's Rock - It is a rock formation measuring 400 m in length and 10 m in height, it consists of smaller quartz rocks, thanks to which this formation is included among the natural monuments.

4. Mokřiny

5. Aš -The westernmost town in the Czech Republic, the first written records of Aš are from 1270. Aš abounds in beautiful nature and several sights, among the most important are the Aš Museum, City Hall, the Church of St. St. Nicholas, statue of Dr. Martin Luther and a lookout tower on Háj hill.

6. Hill Háj (Lookout tower) -This majestic lookout tower was built in 1904, measures 34 m and stands on the hill Háj, which has a height of 758 m above sea level. It is one of the largest and most massive Bismarck lookout towers.

7. Podhradí  - Neuberg Castle Ruins The ruins of Neuberg Castle in Podhradí are the oldest monument in Aš, the first written records date back to 1288. The castle went through several fires, now only the 22 m high tower and the perimeter walls of the adjacent castle are preserved.

8. Studánka

9. Hranice

10. Border crossing: Hranice / Bad Elster

11. Border crossing: Hranice / Embath


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