Welcome to our educational hiking trail!

The 150-year anniversary of our town has compelled us to create an educational trail, designed to take you to various places steeped in the rich history of our municipality, and show you in a fun way what Aš is all about. Take your family along and find out about the past and present of Aš.


Children's trail

The mythical character Nahřbetskoč (a hobgoblin whose name translates as "Jump-on-your-back") will lead you along the path,
all the way to the destination of our trip.
Mom and Dad are welcome to join!
Best of luck, and see you at the finishing line!
We’ll keep our fingers crossed that you will arrive at the final station of this paper chase in good spirit,
and solve all the puzzles and riddles we’ve designed for you!


This square is dominated by a statue of Goethe,
the great poet and polymath, towering above a fountain with reliefs.
What does he hold in his hand?
A Czech specialty – a piece of "egeran", a mineral named after the Bohemian town of Eger (Cheb)
which is essentially an orange-brown variant of vesuvian – the material which inspired Goethe,
donning alternatingly his mineralogist’s and poet’s hat, to a poem celebrating this mineral.
Surely you will have brought your cellphone?
It will provide you with crucial help as you try to answer all the riddles.
Simply download "TimeTrip" –
a straightforward app for this educational trail.
Quiz question No. 1: Download the TimeTrip app (following the instructions on the info panel) and note down what last name adorns the building next to the Post Hotel (Hint: the first name is Johann)


Can you hear the clock ticking?
Follow it all the way to this building,
a beautiful example of Baroque architecture
that should be on every visitor’s list of sights to see.
Meetings of the town elders are a ceremonious affair,
from the taking of attendance to the customary address by the mayor.
He tends to get carried away and speechify quite a bit!
His poor wife doesn't get to see him often – here is where he feels at home.
Quiz question No. 2: What building are we describing here?


Time to climb the stairs – get some exercise!
The building before you used to house a state enterprise called Aritma (producing punch-card processors);
today, following refurbishment and rejuvenation, it goes by the name "LaRitma"
and is the Center of Culture of Aš.
If the windows are open, you might hear fragments of music!
Enjoy the gorgeous view of this architectural gem, and of the townscape at your feet.
Quiz question No. 3: Right next door is the Youth School of Arts; what patron gave the school its name? (We are looking for the last name.)


Cross the parking lot to get to the next waystation.
In this spot, a terrible conflagration
consumed a beautiful house of worship in 1960.
What had happened?
Sparks from the open heating stoves had ignited dry material inside the organ,
creating a fiery epicenter from which the fire propagated.
Aš was illuminated by the ghastly glow of the flames at night.
As day dawned, it became clear that the church had been destroyed.
All that remained were burnt-out ruins which had to be razed to the ground.
The wind blew the ashes through the streets of Aš.
Quiz question No. 4: How many galleries had this former protestant church? (The TimeTrip app will provide you with a hint.)


Take note and listen up:
our next stop along the trail is truly unique!
You will find no second Luther statue
in all of Czechia but this one in Aš,
built in honor of the great founder
of a protestant confession.
Quiz question No. 5: This statue was unveiled to celebrate a birth-year anniversary of the church reformer. Which one?


Behind the Luther statue you will find
a bridge connecting the Old Cemetery and the New Cemetery.
The demolition of the church marked the beginning
of the end for the cemetery as well,
turning the orphaned slate structure of the bridge
into a Bridge to Nowhere.
Today it enjoys monument protection.
According to legend, a poor soul was walled in and is languishing inside a pillar.
Quiz question No. 6: What is the final height of the bridge from foundation to crest? (in centimeters)


Time to visit the chateau,
where you’ll find the answer to yet another of our quiz questions.
Way back in the 1400s, this chateau belonged to
Konrad Zedtwitz, the "Lord over Asch".
Today, it houses a glove collection.
If you speak Czech, you may want to
brush up your grammar in Mikulášská street.
Quiz question No. 7: A stone relief replica has been erected in the corner of the chateau garden, with the imperial insignia and coat of arms. What is its name?


Now turn to your right
and you will see a church,
built in the 19th century in a neo-Renaissance style.
A bench beckons you to take a rest –
have a seat and relax before you tackle the next question;
it's got a math element, so you need to stay focused.
Quiz question No. 8: How high is the western nave of this church?


We have arrived in Post Square,
with its central fish fountain.
Let's take a closer look!
These fish are graylings,
and they have graced the town's emblem
for a long time.
Quiz question No. 9: How many rocks do you see on the fountain?


One building in the square played
a completely different role in the past.
Can you hear the sirens?
Is that a fire engine?
You guessed it: this used to be the fire station.
As a piece of town infrastructure,
the building may appear rather fancy to you.
Ah, but it serves a completely different role today!
It is now the address of the local history and folklore museum.
Better jot down the street number!
Quiz question No. 10: What is the number of this house?


Now turn around so you face the fire station.
A building steeped in history
is now found on your right.
Which building are we talking about?
If you guessed correctly
(and took a note),
we can continue to our next waystation
on the trail.
Quiz question No. 11: What building is this?


Let's pop into the fancy park
named Sady Míru!
The cultural events held here are popular
among citizens from all walks of life.
The open-air cinema in summer is
a particular highlight.
Quiz question No. 12: How many rows of benches can you count?


What monument is this,
and what does it commemorate?
The town was liberated by the U.S. army
which saved us from the Nazi occupiers.
Quiz question No. 13: How many names are inscribed on the monument?


Yet another town square –
this one is a rather novel addition to the townscape,
as there used to be a movie theater
where you now stand.
A little way away,
there is a sculpture of a wee boy and his mother.
Follow the paved pedestrian paths -
no need to take a shortcut across the town green.
Quiz question No. 14: Behind the aforementioned statue is a gate. Note down the inscription on the gate!


Not all that long ago, this building
was the bane of the local crime scene:
from here, the police guarded the town
and patrolled its streets.
Originally, the villa belonged to a renowned
známého továrníka proslavila.
manufacturer and businessman, Gustav Geipel,
who spent part of his life as a proud citizen of Asch / Aš.
Built in the 19th century,
the abandoned villa remains
a particularly pretty spot
in our beautiful town.
Quiz question No. 15: In what year was this villa built?


As you have seen, you need not be born and bred in Aš
to get our quizzes right. You did a great job!
Now relax and refresh - you deserve it.
We hope you'll fondly remember your day on the trail.