The Town of Aš

Aš is the westernmost town in the Czech Republic. It offers its visitors many forms of enjoyment. The town of Aš is dominated by the Háj Hill with the height of 758m above sea level. On the hill, there stands the stone Bismarck Tower which was built in year 1904 and which measures 34 m. In 2010, on top of the Háj Hill, a sports centre with in-line skating paths and facilities for athletes were built. The region has a wide range of sports facilities and thanks to the sports centre, there are even more sports opportunities. 

The town of Aš abounds in a beautiful scenery. Visitors can visit the surroundings of the aforementioned observation tower which is located on the top of the Háj Hill, Goethe´s  Rock and many other natural beautiful places.

In Aš, you can also find a few sights. One of them is, for instance, the Statue of Martin Luther, the only one in the Czech Republic. Another statue to be found in Aš is the Statue of Johann Wolfgang Goethe which is now being restored. The statue is going to be installed back in its place at Goethe Square in 2014. The town also has its own ethnographic and textile museum with a landscaped garden.

The town of Aš has got approximately 13,000 inhabitants.

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