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7. Aš cellars

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icn KC LaRitma

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icn KC LaRitma


7. Aš cellars

We invite all lovers of good wine and excellent music to the 7th year of Aš cellars. Again on the traditional date, i.e. in mid-May (14 May 2022) from Goethe Square in Aš. We will start at 13:00 hrs. The evening part will start at 19:00 hrs.


And what news will be prepared for you?

- A starter pack - a glass, a glass bag, a map with information, a pencil - all for 70,- CZK.

- The possibility to buy a start. package + tokens for the purchase of wine at a discounted price, the purchase of wine is possible for tokens and cash

- personal participation of individual winemakers, sales stands on the tennis court and the terrace of the KC

- wine tasting for the first time from a Slovak winemaker (Domin & Kušický)

- a premiere tour of the historic cellars after reconstruction

- 2 stages - one on the premises of the Tennis Club and the other on the terrace of KC LaRitma

- performances by Heidi Janků, Bokomara, Vojara dulcimer music, accordionist Pavel Vintrlík

- refreshments on the tennis court and at LaRitma, barbecue. specialties, Ašský ležák (Beer), coffee, soft drinks, etc.


Afternoon part FREE admission

tickets for the evening part for 350,-CZK (included in the price: guided wine tasting by Domin & Kušický-SK winery, bottle of wine, performance by Heidi Janků, cm Vojara)